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Free quotation within 24 hours

To make it easy for you, you can now apply online for a free quotation for the restoration of your painting. This restoration proposal is 100% free and non-binding. To receive your quotation we request you to fill in the requested details in the enclosed application.


Please provide the dimensions of the painting as accurate as possible in centimeters. If the painting is framed, please also provide the outer-dimensions of the frame.


In the field “Remarks” you can provide all your questions. Please provide a detailed description of the state of the painting, such as (visible) scratches and damages.


To make an accurate quotation we need some photos of the painting. Photos need to be taken during daylight and without flash light. We prefer photos with high resolution. If possible please add the following photos:

  • Front of painting (entirely visible)
  • Back of painting (entirely visible)
  • One or more photos with details of scratches, damages or other

File size of each photo maximum 5 MB and all photos together maximum 20 MB. Sending large files may take some time.


Of course we can also provide a quotation for the restoration of other objects, such as frames, sculptures and paper. If you fill in the application form then we will get in contact as soon as possible.

Application form for quotation


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    Dimensions painting

    Dimensions frame


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